We Might Be Kin Genealogical Services

"Echoes of Life"


Not by accident, but by the grace of God, I stumbled onto what I believe to be a calling in my life...helping to put families back together. In the time since my resources and I put our first family back together, we have successfully reunited more than a dozen families and are currently working to bring even more together. The joy and satisfaction that comes with each God-inspired reunion is unspeakable and a privilege with which I am gratefully blessed.


These are just a few condensed versions of their stories...


Jeff in NC was longing to find his father and reconnect with a side of himself he had only breifly known as a small child. We found his family in Washington, D. C. and they welcomed him with opened arms.


Derek in VA always knew he was adopted and yearned to know his birth mother and put the missing pieces in place. He and his wife had a baby on the way. It was time to know. We found his Aunt first, in NJ. Oh, she was ecstatic. She was there when Derek was born, even helped to deliver him...he was a bit impatient...smile. Mother and son have been reunited. The pieces are back in place.


Virginia ached for her daughter. She was an unwed mother in NC more than 30 years ago and, moments after giving birth to a little baby girl she lovingly called Tiffany, Virginia gave her up. Purely by the grace of God we found Tiffany. She was still in NC and Virginia got her precious baby back in her life.


We have not ever charged a fee for helping these families and we do not intend to start. If, however, you feel so moved to leave a donation to assist us in our endeavors, feel free to visit our Donations page for instructions on how to go about doing that.


If you believe we can help you find your missing pieces, send us an e-mail at thefinder@wemightbekin.net and let's get busy. God is still speaking and we are doing our best to listen.


The First Reunion -

An awesome feeling, a feeling without a description...look for yourself and see...


After forty years and four daughters, all close to a decade apart in age, I, Deborah Holmes Robinson, a mother find myself complete. For 17 years there were three, for 25 years there were two, for 35 years there was one...and how was that so, when 40 years ago in 1966 there was the birth of my first daughter, allowed to be mine by God, yet taken from me at birth by man, leaving me incomplete...but in early August of 2006 God restored to us the piece that was missing and she stands to the right of the center, our Dawn Marie, aka Lisa. It's awesome, it's unbelievable, it's reality activated and it's shown in the eyes of each of us....a mother and three sisters made complete, lives changed for the better, forever...and we owe this God given thanks to my namesake...Deborah Holmes of Chesapeake, Va. After twenty years of tears and searching, and forty years of longing to belong...Deborah Holmes, my namesake connected the dots and made us whole... A four day journey.

Thank you Deborah for letting God use you to bless this family....Deborah Holmes Robinson