While I absolutely love having this site and sharing it with all of you, it can drain the old pocketbook from time to time. As I'm sure many of you die-hard bone collectors already know, true hunting requires maintaining subscriptions, purchasing reference material (books, newspaper articles, wills, and various other documents), cemetery hoppin' expenses, and travel expenses just to name a few! So many of you have contacted me and thanked me for making all of this available to you at no cost. I intend to continue to do that so please don't start having a stroke just I just wanted to make it possible for any of you who feel so moved to make a donation to help me continue in this endeavor and still be able to feed the puppies (that last part was a joke of course).

Anyway, if you feel so moved, just click the PayPal link below and donate whatever you want. Any and every donation will be greatly appreciated. If you would rather send your donation in by mail, address it to:

Deb Holmes

306 Quail Meadow Drive

Chesapeake, VA 23323