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John William Austin (died 1967)

Lester Austin

Liddie Frances West Austin

Louisa J. Temple Austin

Mack Lucian Austin (died 1968)

Martha Jane Sanders Austin

Patsy Johnson Austin

Simon Peter Austin

Susan Hawkins Harper Austin

William Contle Austin


Edwin D. "Eddie" Byrd (died 1957)

Roy Benjamin Byrd

Tilsy Harriet Beasley Johnson Byrd


Eppie Netus Clifton

George Willie Clifton

Jessie Rivers Clifton

Manicy Nicy Stephenson Clifton

William Ellis Clifton


Pauline Thornton Cobb


Henry Harvey Creech

James Clifford Creech

John Raymond Creech

Ruby Mae Creech


Maude Narron Godwin


Mack Murphy Jernigan

Sallie Naylor Jernigan


Alice Thornton Johnson

Effie Weeks Johnson

Jonah Columbus Johnson, Jr.


Dixie A. Byrd Jones

Martha Johnson Jones


Iris Mae Beasley Langdon

William Alonzo Langdon (died 1963)


Addie Belle Clifton McGee


Bernard F. McLeod (died 1964)

Lacy Anne Yearby McLeod


Manda Johnson Morgan


Albany "A. B." Narron

Beatrice Creech Narron

Clinton Vernon Narron


Ammie Biggs Naylor

Carlyle Naylor

Charles L. Naylor

George William Naylor

Ida Helen Butler Naylor

John G. Naylor (died 1912)

Matthew Roberson Naylor

Penelope Elizabeth Thornton Naylor


Lillie Byrd Overman


Susan Celeste Austin Parrish


Myrtle Irene Weeks Smith


Mamie Austin Stanley


Lillie Narron Creech Stephenson


Mabel Weeks Stokley


Alonzo Thornton

Anna G. Dixon Thornton

Harvey W. Thornton

Ira Alex Thornton

Leon Thornton

Willis E. Thornton


Callie Josephine Weeks

Frank M. Weeks

Herbert Edward Weeks

Marie Elizabeth Weeks

Robert Ashley Weeks

William Morgan Weeks


Laura Austin Wester


Fannie Ada Weeks Wood

Jesse T. Wood




Laura Jane Dunn Allen


Maudie Creech Barham


Stacy Leroy Bowden


Anna Matthews Byrd

John McKay Byrd

Mamie Sexton Byrd


Emma Lorene Gower Coats


Mary Isabelle McKay Crawford


Charles Clennon Creech

Emma Winston Creech

Joseph Arnold Creech

Oscar Creech (died 1974)

Orville Ransom Creech

Ransom Right Creech


Barnes Lee Denning


Elsie Byrd Garton


Isley Young Gregory


Naomi Higgins McGee Hockaday

Sarah Eliza McLamb Hockaday


Dorothy McLamb Hodges


Nancy Frances McLamb Johnson


James Allison Langdon, Sr.


Betty Lou Byrd Lee

Mary Florence Raynor Lee

William Jasper Lee


Edward James McKay

George Preston McKay

Grace Byrd McKay

John Archibald McKay (died 1976)

John Archibald McKay, Jr. (died 1988)

John Archibald McKay, Sr. (died 1950)

Joseph Foy McKay

Joseph Lister McKay

Leon Edward McKay

Martha Rogers McKay

Melissa Ann Massengill McKay


Ida Moore McLamb

Jasper E. McLamb

John Daniel McLamb

John G. McLamb (died 1947)

Judie Catherine Beasley McLamb

Julius Ransom McLamb

Lessie Mae Noles McLamb

Thomas McLamb (died 1918)

Tom A. McLamb

Wiley D. McLamb

William Troy McLamb

Wright A. McLamb


Celia Ann McLamb Tart Noles

John William Noles

William Toomer Noles


Cornelia Katherine McLamb Parker


Rufus Edward Parrish


Lois Johnson Penny


Carrie A. Langdon Pleasants

Julia Frances Langdon Pleasant


Coll H. Sexton (died 1939)

Esther Emaline Secrest Sexton

James Alexander Sexton

Laura Johnson Sexton

Laura Parrish Sexton

Lenora Eloise Gregory Sexton

Ruthleen Weaver Sexton


Nimrod Vasper Stephenson, Jr.


Bettie Ellen McLamb Stewart

Mary Ida Langdon Stewart


Virgil Adam Wasserman


George William Weeks

Infant Son Weeks (died 1928)

Monnie Naton Godwin Weeks




James Robert Adams (died 1964)


Nellie Mae Pope Allred


Everette Ashworth

James A. Ashworth

Johnsie Maude Holsclow Ashworth

Joseph Henry Ashworth

Willie Carlie Ashworth


Benjamin Julius Benson

Carlie Preston Benson

John Uzzle Benson

Newitt Hawkins Benson

Simeon M. Benson


Evis Roy Bowden


Lonnie Cook

Mary Elizabeth Hayes Cook


Mary Frances Stephenson Gilbert


Charlie B. Holmes

Ella Frances Blackman Holmes


Infant Son McCall (died 1914)


Ardelia Hargroves McLamb


Ervin T. Moore


Harley Shaffer Nations


George Graylon Pope

Lillian Pearl Pope


Ila Lee Stephenson Sauls


Mary Marie Stanley


James "Jimmy" B. Stephenson, Sr.

Nancy Matthews Stephenson (died 1923)

Theophilus Stephenson


Fannie Hayes Stewart


Ruth Alene Pope Taylor


Betty A. Benson Thomas


Adaline Ashworth Wood

Nathan Wood (died 1928)

Thomas Ed Wood




Claude Lawrence Dupree

Fannie Telfair Love Dupree


Isabelle McCall Hair

Mattie Bell Hair (died 1917)


Bernice Carroll Harper


Herbert Park Hodges

Infant Daughter Hodges (died 1914)

Jimmis Motley Hodges


Ella Jane Smith Holland


Arthur Honeycutt (died 1959)

Lovdie Jane McCall Honeycutt


George Handy Jernigan

William Austin Jernigan, Sr.

William J. "Bud" Jernigan


Maude McCall Jordan


Burnice Campbell Langdon

Charlie Lafayette Langdon


Martha A. Smith Lockerman


Daniel R. McCall

Evander McCall

Geronia McCall

James Alason McCall

John Ransom McCall

Julius Martin McCall

Lendo McCall

Lula Frances Autry McCall

Marshall Anson McCall

Martin McCall (died 1918)

Ola Margaret Faircloth McCall

Shepherd McCall


Barney McKinley Smith

Blaney Castle Smith

Blaney G. Smith

Chester Franklin Smith

Ernest Green Smith

Fred Carson Smith

James Walter Smith

Joe W. Smith (died 1955)

John Astor Smith (died 1952)

Lina B. Smith (died 1968)

Mary Francis Smith Smith (died 1932)

Sidney T. Smith (died 1941)

Talmadge B. Smith


Media Ellen Jernigan Woodall





Cornelia Ashworth

H. R. Ashworth (died 1917)

James Henry Ashworth (died 1967)

Merman Garland Ashworth

William Benjamin Ashworth

William Robert Ashworth


Willie Shepard Byrd


Sallie Florence Ashworth Carter


Edwin James Clifton

Lovett Daniel Clifton


Irene Penny Herring


Jessie Mae Snipes Jones


Annie Lee Parrish (died 1924)

Edna Louise Snipes Parrish

Langdon E. Parrish

Martha Eliza Clifton Parrish

Paschal Burt Parrish, Jr.

Percy Clovis Parrish

Renzie Britton Parrish


Lula Ann Ashworth Partin


Aaron Penny (died 1965)

L. Shepard Penny

Liffie Creech Penny


Cullen Register

Florence Register (died 1959)

Idell Register

Ira B. Register

Tom Register (died 1935)

Young Register


Charles Alexander Snipes

William Franklin "Dock" Snipes




James Archie Beasley, Jr.


Mary Agnes King Carroll


Glenn Ray Cobb


Alene Ruth McGee Cook

Johnny Clarence Cook


Charlotte Barbour Durham

Elam Bennett Durham


Estelle Banks Langdon Flowers

Eustace Llewellyn Flowers

Lucinda Johnson Flowers

William Henry Flowers (died 1943)

William Ransom Flowers


Talmadge Jay Gregory


Annie Geneva Rose Holmes

Herman Edward Holmes


Eradus Harrison Honeycutt

Lillie Alice Stephenson Honeycutt


Mary Ann King Ivey


Brant Allen Johnson, Sr.


James Oscar Jones


Charles Hinton King

Charles Wayland King

Haywood Alton King

James Herbert King

John Anderson King

Margaret Ava King

Minnie E. Stephenson King


Bettie Leone Watkins Langdon


Raleigh Woodfin Lee, Sr.


James Floyd McGee (died 1949)

Mary A. "Mamie" Langdon McGee

Rayford McGee


Edgar Washington Strickland

Sarah Cornelia Stewart Strickland


Flowery Baker Tutor

William Davis Tutor




David Daniel Barbour (died 1923)


Mary Isabelle Coats Benson

Nora Coats Benson


Charles Roger Coats

Willis Alvin Coats (died 1916)


Addie Thornton Dixon


Amos Fadious Dudley

Carl Dudley

Leona Edwards Dudley


Maude Surles Gaskin


Marvin F. Gregory


Maggie Thornton Hargis


David Osbin Ivey

Delbert Allen Ivey

Dewey Grissom Ivey


Jimmy Waylon Johnson, Sr.


Jennie Richa Joseph


Almeta Smith Tart Kinsey

Infant Son Kinsey (died 1950)

J. B. Kinsey

Jennie Hartley Kinsey

Luther J. Kinsey

Roberta Wood Kinsey

Ruby Kinsy (died 1919)

William Lindo Kinsey

Willie Hubert Kinsey


Marie Joseph Massad


Repsie Coats Parker


Laudis Phillips


Bettie Lillian Turnage Stewart

John C. Stewart (died 1941)

Lonnie Lee Stewart

Nettie Wallace Stewart

Sarah A. Johnson Stewart (died 1931)


Alda Stewart Surles

Condeary Surles

Fred Surles

Lottie Ruth Matthews Surles

Tom Eugene Surles

William M. Surles


Ernest Allen Tart

Sherwood Smith Tart


Frank Washington Thornton (died 1964)

Lettie Florence Holmes Thornton

Susan Nadine Kinsey Thornton

William Earl Thornton


Joseph Pherrell Tingen


Isaac Washington Tyndall, Sr.


Rufus Junius Walker




Cadwell Ivey Adams

Runell Mangum Adams


Mildred F. Stewart Barnes


Mary Artheera Stewart Bayles


Millie D. Stewart Beasley


Nancy Blue (died 1920)


Clara Mae Oliver Strickland Carter


Callie Moore Glover


Lelia Rachel Adams Gregory Mitchell Gregory

Sarah M. Stewart Gregory


Ophelia Mitchell Upchurch Jackson


Barney Johnson

Daniel Hugh Johnson

Flora Matthews Johnson (died 1936)

Mary Jane Strickland Johnson

Samantha Matthews Johnson


Sydia A. Matthews Jones


Annie Mae Strickland Lassiter


Allison Hill Matthews

Delia Matthews Matthews

Delphia Jane Smith Matthews

Elmira Sunday Matthews

Emily Matthews Matthews (died 1917)

Flora Catherine Matthews Matthews

Henrietta Price Matthews

Mary Matthews Matthews (died 1914)

Mary C. Matthews (died 1914)

Mary Katherine Mitchell Matthews

Neil A. Matthews (died 1921)

Ottis P. Matthews

Simon Matthews (died 1918)

Walter Matthews (died 1921)

William B. Matthews


Millie Moore McCall

Roy Craven McCall


John A. McLeod (died 1946)

Julious Frank McLeod

Julious Franklin McLeod (died 1934)

Levy Lee McLeod

Warren McLeod


Polly Ann Matthews Messer


Carl William Mitchell

Ernest Vance Mitchell, Sr.

Everett George Mitchell

Florence Johnson Mitchell

James R. MItchell

Lillie Johnson Mitchell

Mallie Ann Johnson Mitchell

William Luther Mithcell


Charles Thomas Moore

Duncan McLeod Moore

Julia McLeod Moore


Hannibal Erastus Pope

John Thomas McKinley Pope

Josiah Blackman Pope

Lundy Highsmith Pope


David Herman Price

Romie C. Price, Sr.


Elsie Gregory Reardon


Myrtle Moore Roberts


Catherine Matthews Smith


Charles Rufus Stewart (died 1956)

D. Allen Stewart

James W. Stewart (died 1948)

John Madison Stewart

Mary Lela Wall Stewart


Lucille Upchurch Stinson


Elijah F. Strickland

Joe S. Strickland

Joseph Siah Strickland

Julius W. Strickland

Leanna Johnson Strickland

Maggie Pope Strickland

Mary Keene Strickland


Mary Catherine Stewart Tingen


Beadie Sexton Pope Tyndall


Bettie Stewart Price Webster


Lovie Stewart Young


Harold Edward Youngblood, Sr.

William Earl Youngblood, Jr.

William Earl Youngblood, Sr.




Clyde William Avery

Dalton Emmett Avery

Flossie Cooke Avery

Garland Emmitt Avery

Jimmie Green Avery

Joseph (James) Howard Avery

Ruth Dalton Avery


Rosa Grimes Barbour

Rufus Absalom Barbour


Alfred E. Barefoot


Martha Lee Barefoot Beasley


Willie June Cotton, Sr.


Monnie Onie Dixon Avery Currin


Annie Susan Millard Dixon

Hazel Lucile Dixon

Millard Bonnie Dixon

Orron Ellis Dixon


Bessie Lee Gregory Faircloth


Virginia Florence Partin Fish


Gladys Hockaday Gregory

Harvey M. Gregory

Joseph Alexander Gregory

Minnie Ella Lucas Gregory

Seaton Albert Gregory

Willie Thomas Gregory


Eva Byrd Hamilton


Harvey James Hobson


Bennett Kelso Hockaday


Delitha Jane West Ingram


Dexta Pearl Hockaday Johnson

Lennie Pearl Lassiter Johnson


Emma Stephenson Langdon

Ronnie Langdon (pg 1) (pg 2)


Calvin V. Lassiter

David Andrew Lassiter

Emily Louella Langdon Lassiter

Joseph Edward Lassiter


Annie Solomon Lucas

B. Calvin Lucas

Grizzie Ella Lucas Lucas

Henry Martin Lucas

Lester Martin Lucas

Lula Lucas

Mollie Lucas Lucas

William Henry Lucas


Jessie Lee Norris

Jessie Martin Norris

Susan Catherine Nordan Norris


Adolphus Lane Partin

Julius D. Partin

William Rufus Partin


Etta Gregory Pulley


Carolina Smith

Coley Bless Smith

David Henry Smith

Lavern Bleese Smith

Minnie Catherine Smith Smith

Odie Mae Dixon Smith

Rufus Smith


Vila Barbour Stancil


James K. Stephenson

Maryland Francis Stephenson

Plassie Jones Stephenson


Sarah Ella Gregory Turlington


Hubert Henry Utley

Rufus Henry Utley


Daniel Roberson West

David West (Died 1915)

David Colon West

Ida Mae West

Mary Ann Stone West

Sallie Page West

Sarah Margaret Patterson West

Viola West


Vonnie Anna Avery Williams


Alice Utley Wilson




Adams Family

Betty Lou Mangum Adams, Caris D. Adams, Donnie C. Adams


Barbour Family

Alease Penny Parrish Barbour, Beulah Barbour Ennis


Barefoot Family

Bobby Lynn Barefoot, Ernest Molton Barefoot, Sr., Garland Grant Barefoot, Gary Mitchell Barefoot, Gladys Pearl Norris Barefoot, Iva Lee Mauldin Capps, James William Young, Mahala Barefoot Fowler, Margeleene Young Young, Oneil Young, Patsy Ellen Barefoot Peacock, Ralph Landon Barefoot, Reba Pearl Barefoot Young


Barnes Family

Alice Melissa Upchurch Coates, James Durran Byrd


Beasley Family

Catherine Beasley Jackson, Evelyn Pearl Deal Beasley, J. C. Beasley, Marvin Beasley, Thelma Beasley Smith, Theron Beasley


Benson Family

Kenneth Thomas West


Blackman Family

Betty Lou Mangum Adams


Byrd Family

Carvus Andrew Byrd, Sr., James Durran Byrd, Nila Byrd Cates, Rosa Tyler Byrd Wells


Capps Family

Iva Lee Mauldin Capps, Talmage Vernon Capps


Carroll Family

Charlie Curtis Carroll, Ruth Carroll Holland Morse


Clifton Family

Emily Lina King Clifton Roberts, James Durran Byrd, Joyce Faye Clifton Newton, Laura Viola King Clifton


Coats Family

Alice Melissa Upchurch Coates


Cobb Family

Dallas Carlyle McKinney, Dewey Cobb, Ollie Faye Cobb McKinney


Corbett Family

Addie Rose O’Neal Narron


Creech Family

Agnes Gladys Starling Creech Stanley, Arline Creech Peedin


Dupree Family

Carvus Andrew Byrd, Sr., Eugenia “Jane” Stancil Dupree, Nila Byrd Cates, Rosa Tyler Byrd Wells


Ennis Family

Beulah Barbour Ennis, Fred Lee McLeod


Flowers Family

Fred Wilson Flowers, Gladys Virginia Flowers Dykes, James Benjamin Flowers, John David Peede


Gregory Family

Fred Wilson Flowers, Gladys Virginia Flowers Dykes


Grimes Family

Beulah Barbour Ennis


Guy Family

Octavia Doris Stephenson Williams


Hair/Haire/Hare Family

Alexander Buie, Beatrice Starling Hare, Mary Lee Mason Dawson, Mary Margaret Buie Smith


Hall Family

Gladys Pearl Norris Barefoot


Hargis Family

Glenn Nelson Langdon


Hodges Family

Talmage Vernon Capps


Holmes Family

Alice Rudolph Holmes Wrenn, Fannie Sue Holmes Elder, Norman Elwood Elder, Rosa Lou Whittington Holmes, Willie Fealton Holmes


Honeycutt Family

Harold Bledsoe McGee, Maudie Lee Honeycutt McGee


Jackson Family

Catherine Beasley Jackson


Jernigan Family

Ralph Landon Barefoot


Johnson Family

Civil Elizabeth Johnson Parker


King Family

Emily Lina King Clifton Roberts, James K. Durham, John Leland King, Joyce Faye Clifton Newton, Laura Viola King Clifton, Ollie Faye Cobb McKinney


Langdon Family

Barbara Ann Stephenson Langdon, Bobby Glenn Langdon, Glenn Nelson Langdon, Harold Bledsoe McGee


Lee Family

Iva Lee Mauldin Capps, Joan Marie Maudlin Ellis, Talmage Vernon Capps


Mangum Family

Betty Lou Mangum Adams, Donnie C. Adams, Fred Washington Jackson, Sr.


Mason Family

Mary Lee Mason Dawson


Matthews Family

Dewey Cobb, Emily Lina King Clifton Roberts, James Benjamin Flowers, John Leland King, Joseph Franklin Matthews, Jr., Laura Viola King Clifton


McGee Family

Glenn Nelson Langdon, Harold Bledsoe McGee, Linda Sue McGee Champion, Maudie Lee Honeycutt McGee


McKinney Family

Caromae McKinney Crawford, Charity Iva McKinney Spence, Dallas Carlyle McKinney, Judd Leon McKinney, Leslie Clyde “Pete” McKinney Farrior, Ollie Faye Cobb McKinney


McLamb Family

Caris D. Adams, Donnie C. Adams, JoAnn McLamb Lockamy Curtis, Lonnie Smith Peacock, Phyllis Ann Lockamy Parrish Goodman


McLeod Family

Fred Lee McLeod, Louise Ovelia Parrish McLeod


Messer Family

Alice Rudolph Holmes Wrenn, Willie Fealton Holmes


Moore Family

Ernest Hubert Norris, Jr., James Walter Moore, Lonnie Gerald Moore, Ruth Moore Lee, Thomas Sherrille Moore


Narron Family

Addie Rose O’Neal Narron, Franklin Roosevelt Narron, Sr.


Nordan Family

Joseph Franklin Matthews, Jr., Kenneth Thomas West, Linda Sue McGee Champion


Norris Family

Ernest Hubert Norris, Jr., Fred Washington Jackson, Sr., Gladys Pearl Norris Barefoot, James Walter Moore, Jessie Mae Jackson Marshall, Lonnie Gerald Moore, Reba Pearl Barefoot Young, Ruth Moore Lee, Thomas Sherrille Moore


Parker Family

Bobby Lynn Barefoot, Carver J. Peacock, Civil Elizabeth Johnson Parker, James Walter Moore


Parrish Family

Alease Penny Parrish Barbour, Charlie Curtis Carroll, Fred Lee McLeod, JoAnn McLamb Lockamy Curtis, Louise Ovelia Parrish McLeod, Phillip Tyson Whittington, Phyllis Ann Lockamy Parrish Goodman, Ruth Carroll Holland Morse, Wade Chaplin Parrish


Pate Family

James Benjamin Flowers


Peacock Family

Carver J. Peacock, Lonnie Smith Peacock, Patsy Ellen Barefoot Peacock


Peed/Peede Family

John David Peede, Sallie Mozelle Pixley Peede


Peedin Family

Arline Creech Peedin, Irene Peedin Stephenson


Price Family

James Eddie Warren


Raynor Family

Garland Grant Barefoot


Roberts Family

Emily Lina King Clifton Roberts


Ryals Family

Louise Ovelia Parrish McLeod


Senter Family

Caromae McKinney Crawford, Charity Iva McKinney Spence, Dallas Carlyle McKinney, Judd Leon McKinney, Leslie Clyde “Pete” McKinney Farrior


Smith Family

Bobby Glenn Langdon, Carvus Andrew Byrd, Sr., Lonnie Smith Peacock, Mary Margaret Buie Smith, Thelma Beasley Smith


Stancil Family

Eugenia “Jane” Stancil Dupree, Thelma Starling Stancil


Stanley Family

Agnes Gladys Starling Creech Stanley, Lonnie Roby Stanley, III


Starling Family

Agnes Gladys Starling Creech Stanley, Beatrice Starling Hare, Electa Wilson Starling Champion, Jimmie Hughey Starling, Lonnie Roby Stanley, III, Loueanzy Batten Starling, Mary Joyce Starling Herring, Percy Leon Starling, Ruby Wilson Starling, Thelma Starling Stancil


Stephenson Family

Barbara Ann Stephenson Langdon, Bobby Glenn Langdon, Irene Peedin Stephenson, Maudie Lee Honeycutt McGee, Octavia Doris Stephenson Williams


Stewart Family

Ernest Molton Barefoot, Sr., Garland Grant Barefoot


Tart Family

Gary Mitchell Barefoot, Ralph Landon Barefoot


Thornton Family

Alease Penny Parrish Barbour, Mahala Barefoot Fowler, Patsy Ellen Barefoot Peacock


Turlington Family

Madeline Zubowski Turlington


Upchurch Family

Alice Melissa Upchurch Coates


Weeks Family

Alexander Buie


West Family

Kenneth Thomas West


Whittenton/Whittington Family

Fannie Sue Holmes Elder, Phillip Tyson Whittington, Rosa Lou Whittington Holmes, Willie Fealton Holmes


Williams Family

Octavia Doris Stephenson Williams, Phillip Tyson Whittington


Wood Family

Bobby Lynn Barefoot, Caris D. Adams


Young Family

Catherine Beasley Jackson, Danny William Young, J. C. Beasley, James William Young, Margeleene Young Young, Marvin Beasley, Oneil Young, Reba Pearl Barefoot Young, Thelma Beasley Smith, Theron Beasley




All of the Family Reports, with the exception of those donated by other folks, were updated today




Civil War Records

Daniel Starling



J. C. Beasley

Monroe R. Beasley

Ransom A. Beasley

Rodallas Beasley

Rovelton Beasley


Annie Hawkins Allen Benson

Benjamin A. Benson

David Andrew Benson

Etheridge Rudolph Benson

Lundy Rudolph Benson

Margaret Louise Langdon Benson

Nannie Parrish Benson


Lula Lamond Langdon Canaday


James Samuel Cobb, Jr.

John Lushion Cobb

Lewis Elzie Cobb


Edward Livingston Dean

Philemon Savannah Dean


George Washington Hall (died 1944)

Herman Dewitt Hall

Susan Jane Holmes Hall

Willis Ernest Hall


Esther Eleanor "Essie" Creech Holmes

Jasper Henry Holmes (died 1966)

Nellie Florence Ryals Holmes

Roy Dalton Holmes

William Hiram Holmes


Francis C. Langdon Honeycutt

Lonzo Eli Honeycutt

William Hobert Honeycutt


Lummie Langdon Jones


Arlander Molton Langdon

Carl Elmo Langdon

Caswell Monroe Langdon, Jr.

Elizabeth Emily Matthews Langdon

Ella Booker Langdon Langdon

Emily Loudella Langdon

John Rufus Langdon

Lloyd Roger Langdon

Mamie Rebecca Lee Langdon

Nassie Monroe Langdon

Rommie Monroe Langdon

Rufus Langdon (died 1920)

Rufus Allen Langdon

Rufus Utley Langdon

Sally Ann Cobb Langdon


Elizabeth Eliza Langdon Lassiter


Betty Florence Langdon Lee

Jimmie Lawrence Lee


Joseph Maylon Mason

Louise Mason

Mary Helen Price Mason

Wesley A. Mason

William Eldridge Mason


Marticia Ann Langdon McGee


Addie McLamb

Allman McLamb

Eldridge McLamb

Handy McLamb, Jr.

Handy McLamb, Sr.

Ida J. Hudson McLamb

Ira McLamb

Jethro E. McLamb

John William McLamb

Junius McLamb

Martha Jane Young McLamb

Nathan McLamb

Oscar McLamb

Otho McLamb

Phoebe "Pherbe" Young McLamb

Sarah Ellen Hodges McLamb

Seth McLamb


Calvin Haywood Parrish

Eddie Lester Parrish

Eula Honeycutt Parrish

Golda May Parrish

Jessie Daniel Parrish

Mary Winifred Byrd Parrish


Winnie McLamb Smith


Rena Estell Langdon Stephenson


Rhoda Katherine Cobb Upchurch


Annie Welch

Hallie Burter Snipes Welch


Newit Frank Wheeler


Martha H. Wheeler Wood




Jake Otha Adams

William Henry Adams


Britton Lee Barefoot

Esther C. Barefoot Barefoot

Joseph Barefoot

Lucille Tart Barefoot

Ralph Landon Barefoot

Roby Edward Barefoot


James D. Broglin


Ollie P. Snipes Duncan


Rena Lane Partin Dupree


Doris King Durham


Marshall Gethro Edwards


Aldridge Kirk Hardee


Archie B. Hinson

Hattie Surles Hinson


Jesse Battle Holmes

Marry E. Godwin Holland Holmes


Lessie Florence Jackson


Emma O'Neal Jeffreys


Alice Barber Johnson

Sir William Johnson (died 1934)


Margaret Delany Adams Langdon Jones


Delma Samuel Langdon

Merritt Langdon


Aldridge Benton Lassiter

Charity Ann Partin Lassiter

Seth Woodall Lassiter


Adolphus "Dolphus" Henry Mason

Joseph Mason


Ester Surles McLeod


Bertha Ann Bryant Partin

Chester Otho Partin

Curtis Calvin Partin

Daniel Hoke Partin

Dorothy P. Burch Partin

George William Partin (died 1954)

John Calvin Partin

John Kirk Partin

Robert Lee Partin

Sarah H. Adams Partin

William Alvin Partin


Symantha Lucille Mason Smith


Agnes Gladys Starling Creech Stanley


James Ralph Starling

Jimmie Hughey Starling

Lillie Davis Starling

Percy Leon Starling

Rufus Andrew Starling


Claude M. Surles

Ernest Surles

James F. Surles




Civil War Records


Britton Langdon, Jr.

Merritt Langdon

Zachariah Langdon


Troy Parrish




Gladys Pearl Norris Barefoot

Marvin Braxton Barefoot


Stella Louise Starling Bowden


Alexander Buie

Ervin Mcarthur Buie

Martha Hair Buie


Carvus Andrew Byrd, Sr.

Henrietta Dupree Byrd


Floyd Wesley Coats


Ruby Ennis


Gwen Wood Flowers


Alberta Johnson Grimes

Eugene Carlos Grimes


Mary Joyce Starling Herring


Wanda Diane King Honeycutt


Atlas A. Johnson

Hallie Ruth Johnson

Louis Zennie Johnson


Doris Algene King

Emma Jane Fish King

Isaac Hinton King

John Leland King

Mary Seretha Parker King

Rebecca Honeycutt King


Ethel Lillian Ennis Matthews

Johnny G. Matthews, Jr.


Dallas Carlyle McKinney

Dallas Theaton McKinney

Edna Jane Johnson McKinney

Flora E. Matthews McKinney

Ikey Clyde McKinney

Lassie D. McKinney

Lela Mildred Johnson McKinney

Lewis D. "Bud" McKinney

Lonnie Lauder McKinney


Joe Elmon McLamb


Fred Lee McLeod

Louise Ovelia Parrish McLeod


Hettie Byrd Seagroves


Gayland Plandell Smith

Mary Margaret Buie Smith


Jessie Frances Turlington

Madeline Zubowski Turlington


Rosa Tyler Byrd Wells


Jefferson E. Young

Mattie Mae Barefoot Young

Oneil Young

Reba Pearl Barefoot Young