Just for Fun

Here's the place to go when you just need to take a break from the world and tickle your funny bone a little bit. I hope you enjoy what we have here and find lots of reasons to smile!!


»»Driving Miss Daisy??

What Old People Do For Fun



»»How not to shop at Best Buy

Best Buy Dancing Guy



»»Wow, is this kid mad or what?!!

Japanese Beatdown



»»These guys are too good!!

Men in Coats



»»Enjoy ladies

Lawnchair Drill Team



»»Ya' gotta love this "chick"

Turkey Singer




»»I think I'll just quit ordering pizza....nahhhhhh

"I'd like to order a pizza please"



»»Watch out Tiger Woods!! I'm putting my way to glory!!

Putt Putt



»» You can thank my Aunt Joyce for this bit of insanity. Careful...it is very addictive!

Daffy & the Parachute



»» Oops






»» Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Blown away".



»» I'm a blonde so I have the right to post this one.

Blonde Paramedics



»» One of my all time favorites. Too funny!

Alien Song



»» Now this little movie will definitely get you laughing, no matter what kind of day you might be having. Enjoy.

Store Wars